Forty Creek Barrel Select

40 Creek Barrel Select 2

Back to /r/worldwhisky[1] for me. I actually like having some whisk(e)y from places other than Scotland, as they always have a different flavour profile. It’s refreshing. Too many from one spot makes you forget why you like that one spot so much.

And since I’m a Canuck, a lot of my whisky is from Canada. I’m really excited right now with Canadian whisky. I think we’re at a point where companies are waking up and realizing that you need to step up with the quality on some brands, and that more people are sipping. One such company realizing this is Forty Creek.

Forty Creek has multiple versions out right now, and they’re doing things I’m enjoying more and more. As such, I’m going to try and review each of the different flavours (except the Cream Liquor). And where else to start but with the original, Forty Creek Barrel Select.

Funny tie-in: This was the unofficial whiskey of my bachelor party in Montreal. And while I’d love to share more about that, most of it is X rated. Let’s just say the whisky fit in quite well.

40 Creek Barrel Select 1

Price: $26.45 (CAD) for a 750 ml

Abv: 40%

Region: Grand Duchy of Ontario, The Queen’s Colonies (Canada)

Colour: Dark Amber

Nose: Maple, oak, alcohol burn, cloves, grapefruit, lemon, caramel

As most will note, the usual Government mandated Terroir of maple shows up here, however it does grow into a more oaky and clove based smell as time goes on. The fruit notes are quite light.

Kinda reminds me of…. wait, no, can’t share that memory. Let’s just say it’s amazing what you can get for $30 in Montreal.

Taste: Brown sugar, cinnamon, salt, anise, light white grapes, curry, maple, Salish, coconut milk

This one is quite sweet, however the smoky, salty and creamy notes do well to keep it in place. Is it out of this world? No, however for something marketed as a mixing whiskey, I’m generally impressed. This isn’t painful to slog through.

Oh man, speaking of slog through, this one time on St. Catherine’s …. no, can’t share that. Let’s just say, be picky about the places you visit.

Finish: Maple, yeast, raspberries, lemon custard, moss, smoke, tannin

Short finish on this one, and that maple, sweet, almost cloying nature is back. There’s some earth and tannin here to try and make it less sweet, and it almost works. Better than others, however would love to see it with some more work, and I’d also love to see them give it to the Government and remove the maple sweetness.

Speaking of giving it to… wait, that didn’t happen at all… now I’m just being crass.

Conclusion: If a Strip Club is rated one of the top 10 in the world, don’t go there unless you have at least $500 to spend an hour.

Wait, that’s what I learned from my bachelor party. Moving on….

This is a sweet, though more oaky and subdued good start to a whiskey. Is it going to blow your mind? No. But it is better than you’d expect from a Canadian and from a low-end whisky. I’d go so far it’s better than some Scotches I’ve had, as it seems more balanced, if light. That being said, I prefer things a little sweeter, so it may turn away some.


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