Dalmore 18

I keep coming back to Dalmore. Most people would ask why. Heck, lots of people asked why I bought a sample of Dalmore 18 when I had my last chance at ordering Master of Malt into the US. Simply put, I truly believe all distilleries have at least one offering for me to enjoy. I’ve found them […]

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The Whisky Agency’s House Malt 17

Thanks to /u/devoz for this sample. A lot of people these days are discovering the beauty of blind reviews. Removing the marketing behind something has some benefits. If they want you to think a certain way, it removes that thought. You can try a whisky without any preconceived notions. Granted it does raise other issues: It makes […]

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Stagg Jr. – 9th Edition

Thanks /u/devoz for the sample. I recently posted a review of George T. Stagg from 2017, in which I noted I enjoyed it quite a bit. During the review, some had mentioned that they had tried it alongside Stagg Jr. – 9th Edition, and during blind tests, had preferred it over the last year’s GTS. Quite the bombshell, […]

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Four Heartwood Whiskies

Thanks to /u/all_smoke_n_mirrors for the samples. Heartwood is an independent bottler. However, to stop there in describing them doesn’t really do them justice. Most independent bottlers make their way into a distillery, buy a cask that the distillery is willing to sell (typically one that doesn’t fit with their release schedules or flavour profiles), they […]

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Compass Box Circus

Thanks to /u/scotchchick for the sample. Distillers usually get all the glory. We pick out single casks, store picks, and everything else and note the interesting mashbills, cask choices, and water sources. They deserve this praise because seriously it’s an art. However, when it comes to vattings and blends of whiskies, master blenders are sometimes mixed. We […]

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Kavalan Solist Manzanilla Cask & Kavalan Solist Port Cask ‘KavaFan Single Cask Release’

Thanks to /u/jeremyheavy  & /u/Theslicknick6 for the samples. Kavalan Solist is a line of cask strength, single cask whiskies. They are each differentiated by the cask they were matured in. Sounds pretty standard, right? So standard, I honestly didn’t know what to write about here. Maybe about Taiwan and the Han migration, perhaps something about having a Taiwanese friend […]

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