GlenDronach 17 1994 Single Cask

Thanks to /u/devoz for pouring me a sample of this. Let’s take a nostalgia trip, shall we? You’ll see people talk about GlenDronach with much happiness. And then there’s some other whisky geeks who seem to get kinda sad when they come up. Why is that? Is it because they stopped peating their whisky back […]

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1792 Port Finish

Thanks to /u/blaw84 for the sample. I enjoy peanut butter. A lot. I’ve been able to cut out potato chips, most chocolate bars, and even pop from my life after enjoying all of those things for a long time. But never peanut butter, even though I completely know I’m basically eating icing sugar on my bread. I […]

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Glenrothes-Glenlivet 20 1997 Cadenhead’s Small Batch

Thanks to /u/devoz for pouring me a dram. Yup, Glenrothes independent bottling again. I know, I’m getting pretty repetitive, but frankly I really do enjoy independent bottling Glenrothes, and think they are one of my current cask strength picks. So what’s new about Glenrothes-Glenlivet 20 1997 Cadenhead’s Small Batch? Well first off we see that, as usual, Cadenhead […]

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