The Belgian Owl [Special Review for UncleTobys so he can fall asleep without Crying]

Belgian Owl

I love the Review Request thread. I haven’t said so yet, however I’ve been listing out all of the requests in a separate file that I always have access to. And while I haven’t followed up on many of the requests (I think 3?), I did promise Belgian Owl Single Malt to /u/UncleTobys[1] , and I have been reviewing other things, which has been making him cry.

And as any Canadian will tell you, having an Aussie cry only is fun for about a month.

So here’s the Dram that nearly had security called on me. Here’s hoping it was worth it.

Price: $84.95 (CAD) (Currently on Clearance for $30 off at the LCBO)

Abv: 46%

Region: Belgium

Colour: Plastic straw yellow

Nose: Flowers, smoke, pear, grass, Granny Smith apples, cotton candy, mango, orange

The floral part on this one starts out strong, then changes to a smokier area, and then goes to a sweet, powerful, Lowland-with-balls kinds smell.

Taste: Lemon, pepper, coriander, silk, mint, white chocolate, pear, tart black cherry, chili

Wait… I was confused if I was going to get something close to an Islay or something like a fierce Lowland. It’s sweet, there’s a little smoke and burn, yet it’s really smooth. It’s kinda light though. Takes quite a while to fish out the flavour, and it’s a little bit jarring compared to the Nose.

Finish: Chocolate, herbes de provence, green beans, coconut, oak, almonds, smoke, tea, pine nuts

Medium length. It’s herbal and sweet at the same time. Different than what I’ve had before. It’s… it’s what I want highlands to be. And so young, still great for it’s age.

That being said, there are some issues. It has a very earthy, bland aftertaste after awhile. It’s confusing, though it’s what I want from a Highland, or a Japanese Single Malt, or even a ballsy Lowland.

Conclusion: Here’s the thing: I like the nose. I like the original flavour of the finish, yet after awhile it’s just earthy. The taste is light, so you have to hunt around. What I’m saying is this; This is a great start, yet we need more years, more growth, and more from the barrel. This is a great start, and honestly, if I were a Lowland or a Highland maker, I’d be worried of what is coming out of Belgian.


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