Connemara 12 / Connemara 22

So I’m in the middle of an Irish whiskey tour. And we’re asked “Does anyone drink Irish whiskey normally?” I, of course, raise my hand. “That’s great! What’s your normal brand?” Oh shit. I draw a blank. I can’t quickly explain that I’m addicted to trying everything, that I drink just about every single thing. […]

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Glendalough Double Barrel

So I’m at the Irish Whiskey Museum. That’s a different review for a different day. Suffice to say, the tour was great fun. As part of the tour, we tried 4 different Irish whiskies and then got to make our own blend. The grain we tried? Glendalough Double Barrel. Thus I was able to review […]

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Glendalough 7 Single Malt

I’m in Glendalough at the Glendalough hotel drinking Glendalough 7 Single Malt while enjoying the Glendalough mountain air, sunshine, and overall happy about thinks. It’s like I found the key to happiness in the Glendalough of life. Wait, that only is funny if you pronounce it correctly. Dammit! It ends with “lock”, so it’s a… […]

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Irishman Single Malt

There’s some products out there that are named in such a way that we wonder if they are a gimmick or not. For instance, the same company that makes Irishman Single Malt also makes Writers Tears. And upon learning that, you’d assume they sell those whisky bottles in the tourists shop in the shape of […]

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Jameson 12 Special Reserve

So I’m talking to a guy at a bar. Doesn’t matter where or when, stay with me here. Well, yeah, I was in Dublin. I guess that counts. So I’m talking to this guy at a bar in Dublin, and he mentions how he misses being able to purchase Jameson 12 Special Reserve now, as […]

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Teeling 5 part review

Thanks to /u/cantbelieveyoureddit for being a great bartender. For awhile now I’ve been slowly collecting Teeling whiskies to eventually do a multi review. I have a decent amount of them. When planning for the trip, I had looked around at a lot of “Internet v.1.0” websites that directed me towards various whiskey bars in Dublin. […]

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Writers Tears Red Head

So I’m back at the Dingle Whiskey Bar. Of course I am. They have whiskey I want to drink. I’m here. Well, I was there. At the time of writing the review. But not this. Or that. I’m still somewhere. Let’s start over: I exist. That I know for certain. At least I know my […]

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Bushmills 21

So I’m back, on a different day, at a different place. I may or may not have been bouncing around Dublin and we may be hungry and my wife may be hitting “needs a gin and tonic” o’clock. It was time to try a different whiskey bar. One that had food this time. And according […]

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