Jameson Distillery Edition

So I’m at Jameson. Not the actual distillery, the old distillery, in Dublin. We unfortunately did not have the time to visit the proper distillery. Next time I’m in Ireland. However this time I took the tour. That’s a different write up for a different day. At the end, I discovered there were two “location” […]

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Powers Three Swallow

So I’m in Dublin. Or at least at the time of drinking this whiskey, I’m in Dublin. The one in Ireland. Not the one is Wyoming. Now that you’re done checking if there’s a Dublin Wyoming, let’s move on. I bounced around to quite a few bars. I even went to some distilleries, some whiskey […]

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Ardbeg SMWS 33.134 “Peat roasted pig Hawaiian style” & SMWS 33.143 “Thank you and goodnight!”

I’ve been here before. I just didn’t realize it when I bought the bottles. There I was, in a black and white office, sitting back, doing what we all do at work: Try and work while talking with friends. The announcement woke me from a sound half sleep that only work could provide, knocking me […]

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Wiser’s Dissertation

I’d like to thank Wiser’s for the sample of this whisky. Wiser’s Dissertation is a new LCBO exclusive offering from Wiser’s. Recently there have been quite a few of these, and they’ve been quite nice to a group I am part of, the Toronto Whisky Society. That said, as you can see, I have not […]

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Ardbeg 10 Portwood

Thanks to /u/oliviervdv for both making this (yes, making it) and sending me a sample! Before you get too worried, start looking through all the potential whiskies, and start breaking down Glenmorangie’s door, no, Ardbeg 10 Portwood is not on the market at the moment. It was made by oliviervdv, in his… house, I’m assuming. Totally […]

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Aberlour 10 (1990s bottling)

I recently had the chance to try a sample of the upcoming Toronto Whisky Society bottling. More on that in the future. Far into the future. Unless you ask or are part of it, then you’ll find out. When people talk about the good ole days, I, as a Millenial, immediately think they are a […]

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