Laphroaig 20 1996 Adelphi

Thanks to /u/xile_ for pouring me this dram. How do you end an epic tasting that includes good steak, beef bacon, sausages, and staring into the abyss? Why with a Laphroaig of course! Laphroaig 20 1996 Adelphi is to round out the tasting. And since it’s from Adelphi, I’m lucky that they listed the alcohol the information is […]

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Laphroaig Lore

So it’s Advent Day #6. And my wife asks me about one of my shelves. Why I don’t seem to pull from it as much. I mention that’s my shelf of stuff that I’ve reviewed before that’s been broken down to boston bottles either to share with people or to have in the future. She […]

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Laphroaig 11 2014 Dun Bheaghan

Thanks to /u/devoz for sharing a dram of this one. The last tasting… wait, let me rephrase that: The last tasting I was able to write down had a rarity at it: A random Laphroaig sitting out that I hadn’t gotten to. Don’t let me say I’m somehow king of reviewing Laphroaig. I’m far and away […]

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Laphroaig 25 2008

Finally we’re onto my entry for the Laphroaig series, “To Quaff a Laphroaig”. We all had Laphroaigs, we all had time, we opened them up, and then drank them. Not at once though, because that would be silly. I’m not the kind of whisky drinker who typically buys high end whisky. I wish I was: […]

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