North Star Millennial Range

So you are an independent bottler. No, not because I said so, I don’t have that power. My superpower is leaving a film on glass, and someday the X-men will call because they are fighting the Sparkler. Marvel, call me for phase 5, I’m awesome. Back to my original point: You’re working as an independent […]

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Tobermory 8 2008 Archives

Thanks to for sharing a dram of this with me. Something I’m always looking for is a brash, young, interesting whisky. Usually, that means a full maturation. Usually means something beyond an ex-bourbon cask, something peated, something with an odd mashbill. It doesn’t always mean it will work. And sometimes something else works. So a friend […]

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Isle of Jura Boutique Barrels 1997 Loire Rosé Sparkling Wine Finish

Thanks to the Toronto Whisky Society for hosting this event, and to /u/devoz for picking out the lineup. Alright feeling more confident now. Why? Because we’re talking about Isle of Jura. And because that distillery holds a special place in my heart. And not just due to the buildup of platelets near my left ventricle. The first whisky I […]

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Highland Park Full Volume

Thank you to a friend (not on reddit) who poured me this sample. We’ve seen recently that Highland Park was, a few decades ago, playing around with casks. So you have things like Highland Park Fire, which was ex port casks and also Highland Park Full Volume, which was only ex-Bourbon casks. But the experimentation didn’t […]

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