Clynelish 21 1996 The Ultimate

Thank you to /u/throwboats for pouring this sample for me. I recently tried to finish up all of the whiskies I have by reviewing them in pairs. Then my numbers went all funky. None the less, the original idea of reviewing Clynelish 21 1996 The Ultimate was to have it beside another Clynelish. So what do I talk about […]

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Multiple Mystery Whiskies

As part of one of the many whisky groups I’m part of, we all decided we’d be dicks to one another, but in a nice way. So we all showed up, each with 2 whiskies: One we want empty and one mystery. And then, without knowing the order, and leaving that up to /u/31mak , we drank […]

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Clynelish 1996 Adelphi Selection

Thanks to /u/xile_ for forcing me to keep trying Clynelish. Bias time: I’m not a fan of Clynelish. Why? Because their name sounds like mine. Not really. I’m biased because typically I find them to have touches of honey, which I love, mixed with a waxiness that reminds me of the chocolate from Easter that I […]

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