Collingwood Whisky

Collingwood 2

And back to reality, ladies and gents. No more fanfare, I need to review some whiskies that aren’t rare or expensive.

Because the thing is: If I only bought/reviewed/tasted whisky that was super pricey, I’d develop an odd complex. Can’t have the sweet without the sour, right? Can’t know the good without the okay. I think I can do without the utterly shitty (though every so often I find them too).

That leads me to today’s whisky, which I reviewed on Canada Day. Because I bleed Red and White Maple syrup. Not really, but let’s just go with it.

What I do support is Canadian whisky. Because I think there’s a chance we could have some really nice Canuck whisky if we tried (and the laws were more amenable).

That leads me to the whisky I’m reviewing, Collingwood Whisky. The distillery used to be Canadian Mist, however they changed their name due to the mix-ups with boats near waterfalls that typically go by “Mist” as well [citation needed].

I know of it because part of my family lived in the Collingwood area. And honestly, any whisky aficionado should trek on up to the area, as the Dam Pub is up there, and they have over 700 different whiskies.

Getting back on track, Collingwood Whisky is also unique because it’s the only Canadian whisky that uses a post-blending maple mellowing process. Which they created.

A stave of sugar maple is toasted (not charred), then added to the whisky. It’s full of sap and doesn’t release the components found it it because it’s only toasted, thus it can be used to finish it without needing more time to oxidize.

Pretty cool. Let’s see how it tastes, shall we?

Collingwood 1

Price: $34.95 (CAD) at the LCBO

Abv: 40%

Region: Canada, eh

Colour: 7.5YR 6/8

Nose: Oak, maple syrup, cranberry, grassy, acetone, toffee

Yes, it’s Canadian, be cause you can smell the maple syrup (I wish that wasn’t a thing). That said, this is more toffee forward than other Canuck’s I’ve had.

Now try not to imagine me having sex with someone and tasting maple syrup.

Moving on..

Nice amount of flavours. And not too rough on the nose. It’s young, but has a decent nose.

Taste: Burnt toast, maple, toffee, currant, pepper, lavender

Once you get past the burnt flavour (which is prominent and kinda rough), there’s this nice floral note that really stands out.

Like lilacs in spring… wait, that’s not Canadian, what am I thinking? Like the Trillium’s in June.

Yeah, that sounds Canadian….

Finish: Alcohol, medium maple syrup, cloves, corn

That’s a rough finish, like being decked into the boards by a large guy name Bruce who was drafted out of Kindergarten.

Not a fun drink at the end.

Conclusion: This is a good start. Not a great start, a good start. The fact that it’s pricey doesn’t help it. That said, some more time in the oak would really be good for this dram.

It’s rough. And it’s coloured, and it has an interesting packaging. I think there’s better Canadian whisky, however I hope that they make a slightly older version that will be better.


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