St. George’s English Whisky Company Chapter 6

St. George's English Whisky Company Chapter 6 1

Thanks to /u/boyd86 for this recent swap. Glad I was finally able to try it.

England. Land of the Englands. Place sometimes called “The UK” and “Old Queenie Pants summer Home”.

I, personally, love going back to the Mother Land of England. The food is different, the people enjoy my funny, odd accented ways, and overall there’s more whisky there.

You’d think, what with the Breton and Scottish and Irish whisky regions, that there would be some sort of English whisky practice. You’d think there’s a bunch.

In a way, there are, because some of them are along the Scottish border, or in English territory, however they typically get thrown into the Lowlands at that point.

However recently there has been a smaller company that has created whisky in England: St. George’s The English Whisky Company. They are the first whisky distillery built in England in 120 years. So not too long by European standards. And they were built in 2006, so pretty old by African republic standards.

Today I’ll be reviewing St. George’s Distillery English Whisky Company Chapter 6, which is an unpeated 3 year old Single Malt. So let’s see how the upstarts from St. George, Lincolnshire make a whisky, shall we?

St. George's English Whisky Company Chapter 6 2

Price: N/A in Ontario at the moment

Region: England

Distilled: Apr. ’10

Bottled: Jul ’13

Abv: 46%

Colour: 7.5Y 9/6

Nose: Lemon, smoke, licorice, old pears, pine, peach, earth

It’s odd. They say unpeated, yet I still pick up some “peat” flavours. Which is nice, I like it. It’s smooth, fruity, though it’s quite young in spots and not too “out there”

I should use more quotes. Quotes work great.

Taste: Cinnamon, peach, anise, pear, cloves

Spicy, fruity… kinda like treacle made by a madman if I’m being honest.

Again, I didn’t read that this wasn’t peated before I tried it, and would have sworn there was some peat influence, though there isn’t. it’s just a nice, fruity, spicy dram.

Finish: Peppered bacon, menthol, celery

The young age really comes out in the finish. It has this raw alcohol tint that has slightly changed to a hot, mentholated/earthy flavour. It’s alright, yet kinda hard to swallow. We need to let this chapter go back to the editors, I think.

Conclusion: For a young spirit, this is quite nice. For one that’s young and not in a hot climate it’s edging on impressive, though it really, really needs more time to grow. I like the direction of a spicier, fruity malt. The notes mention some cereal yet I didn’t, oddly enough. I typically am not a fan of cereal notes in whisky, however I was impressed by this.


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