Bowmore Legend

Bowmore Legend 1

Thanks to /r/LetThereBeR0ck for this sample.

So as I slowly drag myself (oh poor me) towards the 500 mark, I felt like… a legend.

And what better than something named Bowmore Legend.

Wait… just about anything would be better, I’m not a fan of Bowmore.

Well, that’s not true. So far I’ve enjoyed quite a few of the NAS named Bowmore whiskies that have been offered. And one shouldn’t judge an entire distillery’s offerings by the 3 whiskies that they bring out as their standards. Special occasion ones can do that.

That all said, Bowmore Legend is a NAS first offering for the Bowmore line. The bottom of the ex-bourbon barrel, one would assume, however I’m not going to take that cynical route. I’ve had some good luck with Bowmore before, so maybe I will again.

And if I don’t? There’s always Small Batch. or maybe even the 1982.

Bowmore Legend 2

Price: N/A At the LCBO

Abv: 40%

Region: Islay

Colour: 2.5Y 8/6

Nose: Boiled lemons, cashew, peat, peach schnapps, grassy

Yes, boiled lemons. Don’t know what that smells like? Go boil some lemons. Or add hot water to some cleaning fluid that has a lemon scent. Or boil some lemons. It smells like those things.

Kinda nutty, little fruity, and a nice amount of grass notes. Not bad so far. Also has more than just one note, and doesn’t become TOO one note as time goes on.

Taste: Rose, peat, earth, fennel, sour white grape juice, plum wine

Go chew on some roses. Or rather, have some rose water.

Very sour. Much acidic. Wow. Not really my thing. Puckers me up right good I may not be able to pass a shit for a year.

Finish: Raw cocoa, pepper, mushroom, smoke, pear

Very raw tasting, and really dry. The earth is really overpowering at the end.

Not really my thing.

Conclusion: This whisky is legen… wait for it…. sucks. Well, it doesn’t suck 100%. It mostly sucks. There’s off notes, the finish is unbalanced, and overall there’s better things to drink.

I’d say pass on this one. Or just have a dram. There’s better stuff, even from Bowmore.


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