Bowmore Devil’s Cask Batch 1

Bowmore Devil's Cask 1

And I’ve finally caught up. I even had enough time before I became sick to crack open a sample from the amazing wunderkind /u/devoz! Thanks man!

I had bought a bottle of Bowmore Devil’s Cask a few months ago. Had a lot of trouble deciding whether or not I should buy it.

First up: I’ve never had it. It could be amazing. It could be shite. Some people like it. Some people like punching themselves in the dick.

Second up: It’s rare. Or at least, the secondary market has drove up the price enough that I can’t possible try it, because why would anyone ever open a bottle? It’s their ticket to riches! So should I wait? No, it’ll sell out at the LCBO. Buy maybe?

And finally: I’m not the biggest fan of Bowmore. At that point, I hadn’t tried anything outside of the main three. Which aren’t the best ambassadors for the brand. At all.

I think the US congress are better ambassadors, if I’m truthful.

In the end, I bought a bottle. However I still wanted to try some before opening it. So I swapped for some in order to try it.

Bowmore Devil’s Cask is aged for 10 years in first fill sherry casks, and then bottled at cask strength. And if the name didn’t start with Bowmore, all of that would have had my buying it in a second.

But enough second guessing. Let’s see how this tastes!

Bowmore Devil's Cask 2

Price: $99.95 (CAD) at the LCBO.. when it was available

Region: Islay

Abv: 56.9%

Batch: Uno

Colour: 2.5YR 1/3

Nose: Strawberry, coffee, raspberry, ginger, custard, dark honey, cereal, peat

Wow. Really strong, nice earthy, red fruit, and spicy notes. Wish there was a little more peat in it, however it’s complex, and definitely comes from a good cask.

I think some of the Bowmore is adding a nice earthy note, which pairs well.

Taste: Peat, molasses, currant, ginger, oak, cereal, strawberry, carrot, anise

Ah, there’s the peat. And almost a rum/sweet earth note as well. Really interesting dram.

It goes a little flat as I drink it more and more, though each of the flavours really pop as I drink.

Are we sure this is Bowmore?

Finish: Raspberry foam, currant, dark brown sugar, ginger, basil, mint, iodine

More and more of the earthy, airy, and overall pleasant drink. I’m still missing a big peat bomb, however the sea side/iodine notes really help ground this one as well.

Conclusion: This is now the best Bowmore I’ve ever had. It’s not a Sherry Bomb, not overly hot, and really has some nice pairings in flavours.

That all said, I wanted some more peat. Or maybe a little more… Islay. If you told me this was a seaside or Island dram, I’d believe you. I’m not so in love with it that I’ll be opening my bottle, which I’ve already set up a trade for.

Oh well. I’m glad I bought it when I had the chance, as it got me to try it. And if this, as well as Laimrig, Tempest, and others, are what I can find from Bowmore, I’ll keep trying them.


Scotch review #310, Islay review #67, Whisky network review #458


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