Ledaig 2005 8

Ledaig 2005 8 1

I’m so nice to Tobermory. Always so nice.

Alright, that’s a complete lie. I have not been nice to the distillery that makes our next whisky. I’ve been mean to them. A lot. Just ask some people.

However that didn’t stop me from wanting to try Ledaig 2005 8. Mostly because I’ve never had it.

Also because I’ve never tried it. And I want to. Because just because you don’t like one thing a distillery makes, doesn’t mean you’ll hate all of it (See my reviews of various Jura, Glenmorangie, Macallan, etc.).

So, I sat down and ordered this dram at the train station pub. Because it’s pretty cool to drink there. Like I’m a sad conductor or something. And I dove in. Let’s see how this peated version of my most maligned distillery measures up.

Ledaig 2005 8 2

Price: N/A in Ontario

Region: Island

Abv: 53.7%

Colour: Powdered Almond

Nose: BBQ sauce, smoke, lime, cucumber, molasses, chive, tomato

Doesn’t smell as young as it is, which is a really nice surprise. Well put together, good use of vegetal notes (which is rare), and overall the peat is nicely complex.

I’m surprised, to say the least. Good nose on this. Really strong and complex.

Taste: Lime, smoke, cocoa, sea salt

Simple flavour to go with a complex flavour, which is too bad. Don’t get me wrong: It’s tasty, and each flavour is strong, however it’s not going to blow your mind too much.

Tasty though. Not like a certain other whiskies Tobermory makes.

Finish: Cocoa, cola, molasses, smoke, green apple

Nice cocoa finish with a lot of sweet notes and, of course, smoke. Better than the taste, as it gives a little more. You know, like an Ex who wants you back and says “Sure, put it anywhere”.

Conclusion: Alright, so first up, I enjoyed this. It’s tasty. The nose is vegetal, which can be off putting (think V8 juice), yet in this case it’s more like a BBQ vegetable. The taste is lacking. Which is probably the age throwing it all off.

The finish makes up for it. I’m enjoying this. Enough that I’ve gathered together 4 Ledaig’s to do a multireview at… some point.

Yeah, don’t buy Tobermory, buy Ledaig, it’s better.


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