Jim Beam Black [Re-Review]

Jim Beam Black 1

First up: I’d like all you Jim Beam Black fans to calm your tits. I come to resurrect Caesar, not to pile on.

Before I went on vacation I tried a small sample of Jim Beam Black from a bottle that a friend gave me. And I didn’t like it. At all.

Later on, I received some very nice comments from people. Oh wait, no, that’s not true: I received stern comments or angry downvotes. None the less, I stood by the comment.

Until she later informed me that the bottle was quite old, and the plastic may have leeched into it due to improper storage.

So I’m here to re-review it. It may taste as bad as before. Or it may just be fine. Who knows.

Still: Calm your tits.

Jim Beam Black 2

Price: $29.95 CAD at the LCBO

Region: Kentucky

Abv: 43%

Colour: e150 Caramel looking colouring that isn’t coloured (as it’s straight bourbon)

Nose: Corn, mint/thyme, lime, cola, varnish

Already this is completely different, and I can surmise the old one was pooched.

This actually smells like a fancy cola. Which is funny, as I haven’t had cola in years now. Still, a nice flavour. The varnish is a little harsh, and overall it’s quite sweet, however not that bad.

Taste: Pepper, corn, mace, oak, root beer (watery root beer), cashew, cocoa

Watery, not that strong, yet nothing really off about it. It’s sweet, as before. Really sweet. A little hot too. Not like that one guy who got away: Oh no, this is just spicy.

Finish: Nutmeg, salty, fennel, peanut, oak

Simple finish. Nothing really to write home about at all. It’s sweet, again, and mostly just ends.

Conclusion: Not bad. My old sample was way, way off, and as this came from a UK bottle that was mostly full. So I’m fine with this review. I can sip this, however it’s not really worth the price point in my view. It’s mostly just there.

Better than Jack Daniels though. So it has that going for it. And it’s sweet, so I liked that part.


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