Jameson Gold Reserve

Jameson Gold Reserve

I’m going to be quite obtuse during this review and the next one. The reason for that I can’t go into. Let’s just say: Always have some extra cash put aside in case of emergencies on a trip.

So: What makes Jameson Gold Reserve so special? We use gold to denote the better things in life. It draws people in, gives us an idea about them, and generally has its bonuses (good conductivity, great light refraction) and its downsides (attracts theives, isn’t that strong).

So is there gold in Jameson Gold Reserve? No, not at all. That’s a different drink. Grow up.

What it does have is a much higher amount of Pure Pot stills than normal (two Pure Pots and 1 grain). They also use Virgin oak casks in addition to the usual Bourbon and Sherry casks. Not to mention they also use the ‘finest grade ‘A’ casks’, whatever that means. I’m assuming it means first fill, however the fact they don’t use that means it’s more likely second fill casks.

So that’s something. Granted they still didn’t have a good Abv at all, but still, it’s an interesting idea. So let’s see how this tastes!

Price: $99.85 (CAD) at the LCBO

Region: Ireland

Abv: 40%

Colour: Brownish Gold

Nose: Brown sugar, burn, cinnamon, canned pears, coconut flakes, oat muffins

Tons of sweet, cereal notes. Tons. And burns a lot too. I find that happens sometimes with 40% Abv whiskies. However it’s still quite tasty.

Maybe Gold will be good this time? And maybe there’s no thieves?

Taste: Brown sugar, pears, mace, oak, Mike and Ikes, watermelon

Spicey. Quite spicy and fruity. Honesty a really nice Irish whiskey. Wish it had a little bit more to it other than light fruit and spice, but heck, it’s okay.

I mean, sure, it could try a little harder, but honestly it’s tasting pretty good, and there’s no off yeast note throwing it off.

Finish: Orange, caramel, brown sugar, hops, oak, nutmeg

More sweet. Again, if you don’t like sweets, you’ll want to get out of here right away. Run for the coast and join the Navy. It’ll get you away from it. Granted it’ll also be a big overreaction on your part.

Conclusion: Overall I liked this whiskey as it was. It was sweet, had some spice, a little bit of fruit, and overall was nicely balanced. There wasn’t a yeast undertone that I have had a few times in Irish whiskies.

However I think they push the Abv too low, as there’s obviously some missing elements to this whiskey. So I’ll say this: If you like Irish whiskey, try this. If you love Jameson whiskey, buy this one every so often as a treat.


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