Té Bheag

Té Bheag 1

So originally I assumed that I wasn’t going to have many Blends while here in the UK. Because I’m really quite bad at figuring life out just yet.

I left out a blend though. Té Bheag is a quality, very difficult to pronounce blend that I keep seeing yet never buy.

While in the UK (I’m back now, trying to catch up on reviews), our friends that we were staying with had a bottle. And as I’ve never reviewed it before, I stole some for a review.

Té Bheag is made on the Isle of Skye by an independent company. They don’t chill filter their whisky. The company also produces it from quality grain, water, etc. Which I’ve heard all before, however not chill filtering is new, so I’m interested.

Also, it’s pronounced Chey Vek. Like a lot of things in the UK, the letters don’t matter and the pronunciations are made up. It’s quite fun trying to figure out how to say any proper names in the country at all.

Anyway, let’s see how this blend is, shall we?

Té Bheag 2

Price: $38.95 (CAD) at the LCBO

Region: Blend

Abv: 40%

Colour: Oak

Nose: Lime, oak, banana, grape jelly

Fruity. No real harshness either, just really fruity. Simple, true, yet it’s different than other blends I’ve had recently.

Granted I am in the middle of a bender (then, not now), so I could be off.

Taste: Banana, oats, molasses, wood, coconut oil

Nope, definitely fruity. And there’s someone who knows what a fruit explosion is like in his mouth, it’s /u/TOModera.

Definitely young and low Abv, yet really good mouthfeel (see above for obvious dick joke).

Finish: Mineral water, brown butter, dry, pear, thyme

The finish is a little disjoint from the rest of the whisky. Almost like I’m expecting even more fruit and yet it takes off with the drier flavours instead. I’m not in love with it, yet it is really tasty once you get over the shock of it.

Also, brown butter + Fatty = Happy.

Conclusion: I’m honestly really surprised at how good this is. There’s a little bit of smoke influence that leads to some dry, earthy flavours, mixed with fruitiness from the Speysides in it and finally some sea influence from the location itself.

I’d say: This is a definite buy, even if you don’t like blends.


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