Bowmore Tempest Batch No. 3

Bowmore Tempest Batch No. 3 1

It’s always hard picking a final dram to taste. I’m still at the tasting room, still sitting back with great, patient friends, and still enjoying the sunny day.

And then it hits me. No, not a bird that flies into the second story window into my face, being deflected by a female Fabio whom takes me and my wife as her life long sex mates. That’s just silly.

No, rather that I have lists of things to review in the form of books that I carry around with me. And by happenstance, one is up on the shelf (beyond the one I just reviewed).

Bowmore Tempest is an interesting dram. Aged in first fill bourbon casks for 10 years and brought out at cask strength, it’s been called “One of the Bowmore’s that doesn’t suck” by quite a few people (Citation Needed).

And finding the 3rd batch, or at least the last mouthful of the third batch, is lucky, because it came out a long time ago and I didn’t think I’d get the chance to ever try it, thus not being able to complete one of the lists that dictates my life.

Well, that and my wife and my love of PPRPGS, but we’re not here to talk about that. Let’s see how this whisky stands up to me.

Bowmore Tempest Batch No. 3 2

Price: No longer available in the LCBO

Region: Islay

Abv: 55.6%

Batch No: Three

Cask Type: First Fill Bourbon

Colour: Straw

Nose: Anise, peat, cranberry, woody, toffee, pepper, roasted peanut

Right off the bat this isn’t a normal Bowmore, in that it doesn’t have 1 note over and over, screaming in my ear.

In all seriousness, this is quite a spicy, nutty, and even a little fruity dram. It punches well above it’s pay grade, and I’m impressed.

Taste: Chestnut, peat, hot, cream, iodine, caramel, raspberry

Hot is a word I use to describe something that, while I’ve left it to air out for quite some time, still is quite… hot. Shit, that went no where.

After more time sitting, this was less hot, and I started to get a really complex, interesting dram.

Finish: Herbal, umami, mint, milk chocolate, brown sugar, rosemary

And then I get this amazing nose! Seriously, the flavours speak for themselves (not literally, that’d be crazy).

Conclusion: What the fuck Bowmore? You put out low Abv bullshit that is one noted half the time, and then lull me into thinking it all sucks, all the while being able to deliver something this good? Come on, this is a good dram, and you need to learn from it and bring out a better assortment that isn’t limited.


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