Deanston 12

Deanston 12 1

The Smurfs were an odd collective. Here they are, this homo-genderous society that only has a new gender based on their enemy creating one to undermine them. That’s a little insane, isn’t it? They know of females, and are about to die out due to not being able to breed, and then a crazy person gives them a new chance.

The other odd thing is they all were specialized in some kooky way. And that means some of them were utterly useless, like whichever Smurf was into train spotting.

Whisky is similar. There are whiskies that will be not that great. Not that good, but not that great. And that leads us to Deanston 12. This comes recommended in multiple books, talked about quite a bit, and even talked about in the reviews. So it should be a brainy Smurf, not a Bongo Smurf. However this is the older release, so it’s still chill filtered, and a lower Abv. However the recommendations may be talking about the older one, so let’s see how it tastes.

Deanston 12 2

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Highland

Abv: 40%

Colour: Orange/Brown

Nose: Coffee, vanilla, peach, pepper, orange, faint

Nice coffee flavour, however like I said above, it’s all really faint. I’m nosing in a proper glencairn and still having trouble.

Almost need to pump it directly to my nose to get it.

Taste: Peach drink, pepper, mineral water, cheap coffee

It’s all quite cheap tasting, to be truth. And I shouldn’t be thinking something fancy is cheap, more so that it’s a luxury item.

Not much complexity either.

Finish: Cassia buds, peach, earthy, ginger, light orange

Flavourful finish, though still suffers from some lightness. Again, the finish it the best part in a whisky, however it’s too little too late.

Conclusion: This is more so a wood polishing Smurf than anything else. Yeah, we need to polish wood, and not in that awesome Las Vegas way, but this is just kinda… meh.

It’s weak, boring, and not really worth it. I hope the new one is better, and will try to find it. I don’t really blame them for replacing it. The slightly higher score comes from an okay finish.


Scotch review #277, Highland review #42, Whisky network review #413

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