Nikka from the Barrel [Re-Review]

Nikka from the Barrel 1

Community reviews are pretty amazing. I love being a part of them. That said, I don’t typically archive anything after the review. And thus, when a mystery dram is sent to me, sometimes it’s a repeat.

That’s where this review (and some others in the coming years) come from. Also the place didn’t have the other whiskies I asked for first. And I needed something with my traditional English breakfast.

So it’s time to re-review Nikka from the Barrel. I have to hand it to Nikka on this one. They decided to, in a fit of genius, give us a good whisky, that can be mixed, and is decent by itself. It’s almost as if they said “Highball whiskies are a thing, we’ll make one” and then screwed it up by making it flavourful.

None the less, let’s see how this one tastes this time.

Nikka from the Barrel 2

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Japan

Abv: 51,4%

Colour: Dark brown

Nose: Woody, plum, nutmeg, cinnamon, cranberry, mango

Very fruity and spicy. Big flavours too. Wish it had some smoke or umami going on, however in this case it was just fruity and spicy.

Which is nice by itself. Maybe I’m nit picking.

Taste: Caramel, woody, corn, earth, dry, tannic

I’m happy to say that the taste isn’t just fruit and spice. More so like an earthy tea note. So you’ve had your cream and jams, and now your tea.

Yes. I’m sure that was the plan.

Finish: Plum, currant, tannin, smoke, wood

Nice finish to it. Like all the things I wanted. Bit light and short though. Went well with my bubble and squeak though.

Conclusion: Overall this is an enjoyable dram. And given the price and availability, I think if you’re considering a Japanese whisky (or just a whisky in general), this is a good, solid whisky. Sure, it could be better, but you’re not aiming for better. You’re aiming for decent and tasty.


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