Chivas Brothers Linn House Reserve (2011 Release)

Chivas Brothers Linn House Reserve

Walking into bars is odd. Especially as a whisky geek. You don’t know if the selection is going to be okay or just kinda… meh. It could be a bar filled with all the current Diageo standards, so that’s okay.

I walked into this bar as part of wondering around, drinking around the town. And in it, they had a good selection of Glenfiddichs, and then that special find. The one that I don’t recognize. The diamond in the rough.

And at a Alpine themed bar, I found it: Chivas Brothers Linn House Reserve. A collection of at least 35 year old malt and grain whiskies that was originally served by the Brothers themselves to guests of the Linn House, a special guest manor house along the Linn river.

So… I’m a middle class Canadian who is on vacation and doesn’t have any clout. I count, right? Whatever, I get to try it because I paid 4 pounds for it.

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Blend

Abv: 45.8%

Batch: BH35 002

Age: 35 year

Released: April 2011

Colour: Brown Gold

Nose: Rich caramel, maple, pine, mint, raspberry, plum

Wow, that’s strong. The caramel note is actually kinda hard to get around.

One thing I’ll also say: I don’t know if the pine note was actually part of the whisky or if it was plugged in by the bar. No joke, it was like a ski lodge.

Taste: Pear, burn, plum, raspberry, wood, cocoa, floral, lemon

Big mixture of different flavours. Big flavours in this one. And some burn to it as well. Kinda lots of burn, even more than I expect from this old. Dies down over time.

Finish: Pear, dry, raspberry, lemon, smoke, coffee

Kinda short on the finish, and not as complex as the rest. Again, tasty, but a little lackluster.

Conclusion: Big nose and taste. Kinda lackluster finish in comparison. However if you had told me that there was an okay Chivas out there, albeit rare, at least 35 years old, and cask strength, I’d say that’s a little specific and you’re a little insane.

None the less, I found it. And it’s tasty as heck, well worth the time as well. I wish the standard expressions tasted half this good. Honestly, this is a good dram, and If you’re a fan of blends, or just whisky, this is a must have.


Scotch review #274, Blend #33, Whisky Network review #409


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