Monkey Shoulder

Monkey Shoulder 1

So here’s the review that I had wanted to do last night to finish up “The Blender” series, however Johnnie Walker stopped me.

Well that and generally needing to slow down a little bit before my trip.

So, back when doctors weren’t so much taught as generally told to make up funny names Citation Needed, maltmen (the men who turned the barely by hand using shovels) would develop a condition where their arms would hang down low. This was called Monkey Shoulder.

In Canada it’s called “When the fuck is it going to stop snowing? Fuck this I’m going to Florida”.

Anyway, as part of the whisky heritage, Monkey Shoulder was named after this condition. Made up of three Speyside malts, this interesting blend is made with no grain whisky and allowed to age for three to six months, allowing everything to mellow.

So, as a final (not as in I’m never doing reviews again or I’m never having blends again, just the end of this bevy of blends) review of this series which I totally didn’t rip off from /u/tintin777, I’m reviewing this blend.

Let’s see how it does.

Monkey Shoulder 2

Price: N/A in the LCBO

Composition: Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie

Region: Blend

Abv: 40%

Batch #: 27

Colour: Gold

Nose: Caramel, earthy, raspberry, wood, nectarine, honey, butter

Nice bold, big flavour. Eventually the Balvenie pops out more than anything else with the signature honey notes. I’m enjoying nosing this, and spent extra time on it.

Taste: Peach, vanilla, pecan, thyme, clove

It reminds me of Southern US desserts. So much so that I ended up crying and feeling bad while drinking it, as one does in the South US.

Not overtly complex, however really tasty combination.

Finish: Honey, clementine, mace, beech nut

Very Short and Faint finish. It’s really too bad, because what I can make out is tasty as hell. However it’s lost because it lasts a pico second and is barely there. My wife couldn’t even taste a finish. It just… disappeared.

Conclusion: Like Dewar’s 18 year, this has a lot of promise. It tastes great, has a cool nose, and then fails at the finish. As such, I’m scoring them the same, however I’d recommend this one because it’s cheaper.


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