Arran Malt Millennium Casks 2013

Arran Malt Millennium Casks 2013 1

(Thanks to /u/ziggy1283 for the swap, much appreciated!)

So sometimes people get really excited to trade me things. I take it as a compliment. I like writing these reviews, and interesting whisky being written about mixed with dick jokes must be a turn on for some people.

That being said, I have a few too many samples for my own good. Hell, I have 4 different white whiskies that are currently sitting on the shelf, waiting to be sampled.

Originally my plan was to only do all of my blends before the UK. Then I realized that I needed some empty bottles for swaps when I come back, and started putting two and two together, and I got drunk.

Arran Malt Millennium Casks 2013 is an excitable malt. Back in the year 2000, it turns out the guys at Arran were spending their New Years like me: Inside, with a few close friends. Unlike me they weren’t watching a Canadian art film about embalmers and love (I was a wild teen).

Instead they were filling 35 bourbon barrels and 10 sherry casks with whisky that would eventually become this whisky. Released in 2013, and acquired by /u/ziggy1283 through some sort of pact with Janus himself, this limited run is cask strength, no colouring, no chill filtering, and generally hard to find.

Well, I’ve enjoyed Arran before, so let’s see how this special edition does.

Arran Malt Millennium Casks 2013 2

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Island

Abv: 53.5%

Colour: Apple Juice

Nose: Grassy, apple, lemon pie, nutmeg, almond butter, jelly beans, more apple

Given the Abv, I was expecting something pretty fierce. And at first, it’s actually quite light. Closer to a Lowland than other Arran malts.

Eventually though it starts really evolving into this nutty, buttery, and apple/spicy mix. Reminds me a lot of a really good Apple Toddy.

Taste: Cinnamon hearts, apple juice, clove, Meyer lemon, nutmeg, arugula, green melon

As I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for Cinnamon anything. Cinnamon cock? Well I’m heteroflexible enough, I’ll try it.

Big flavours here as well. Like the nose, you need to give this a lot of time to grow, as there’s a lot of layers here. And again, like the nose, has this really strong flavour of an Apple Toddy.

Finish: Apple, cinnamon, dry, floral, clove, nutmeg, smoke

Yeah, it’s an apple toddy, I’m a happy guy.

Conclusion: Very strong, very appley, and very cinnamony. Overall really tasty, and even though I know I’m biased as fuck, I love it. The complexity is all there, the nose is amazing, and this is truly an interesting malt.

For those of you wondering if it’s one note (apple jacks): It’s not. Yes those are present, yet this dram has an amazing ability to show off the different layers throughout.

Pick this up if you ever have the chance. I’d score it higher if it set off memories, however it was just on the cusp.


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