Imperial 19 Old Malt Cask [Feather’s Flight Review Set #8]

Imperial 19 Old Malt Cask 1

Excuse me sir, but before this review, have you heard of the amount of flights that /u/TOModera has done at The Feathers Pub? No? Well, let me in so I can make points and we’ll discuss it.

Thank you.

You see, every year, for his birthday (I know, I’m surprised he’s male too), /u/TOModera goes out to this pub, maybe once, maybe twice, maybe three times if he wants to push his luck, and asks his friends and family to buy him drinks. For his birthday.

He also reviews them, and asks for recommendations.

Why, recently, on this third occasion, he’s tried Imperial 19 Old Malt Cask Douglas Laing, chosen by his wife among the Speyside region. Why? Cause he’s never done an Imperial.

Oh, sir, no thanks, I’m driving.

But what is the Imperial Distillery you ask? Good question. Nice home too.

But getting back on topic, Imperial Distillery existed between 1897 and 1998, reopened and closed so many times, that people thought it was the town slut’s pants. And you know sir, his pants drop at the sound of maybe getting some, so that’s a lot. It has more mothballs than a thrift store, is what we’re saying.

But that’s just a rumor. About him, not the thrift store or the town whirlygig known as Greg.

Anyway, in 2013 they demolished the building, yet don’t fret sir, the Chivas brothers are building a new site. They’re so nice to us, here at our large company.

This is an IB though. The only OB that came out was during those nasty 90s with all those pop groups.

Oh? You want to know what it tasted like? Well sir, I certainly can get to that. And yes, I’m making many a point today off of you.

Imperial 19 Old Malt Cask 2

Price: Sorry sir, this isn’t available for sale in Ontario, outside of the odd dram

Abv: 50%

Region: Speyside

Colour: Light gold

Nose: Banana, peach, light smoke, pear, orange

You see sir, it starts out quite fruity. Yes, I do hear that /u/TOModera does like sweets, yet if you read carefully, he also likes complexity, and while there’s some light, light smoke in there, it’s mostly just a fruit basket.

Like that sinner Greg. But that’s not for me to say, sir. Gossip is how you lose the battle.

Taste: Smoke, Caramilk, lemon, carrot, grapefruit juice, violets, light cream

Well sir, there was certainly smoke. And not the kind I’m used to, coming from a giant snake’s eyes, no this smoke, mixed with some acid and strong cocoa/caramel notes, just upped and surprised Mr /u/TOModera.

Eventually it mellow out, yet the different flavours never properly came together, not like some large battle vehicle made to stomp out the Joes.

But I’m getting off topic sir. Onto the finish!

Finish: Tabasco, earth, mint, tarragon, pine, hoppy

Let me tell you sir, the ending was all earth. Sure, some different heats, sweets, and even floral elements came together to help out the earth, but it really wasn’t enough.

Needed more red lasers is what we’re saying.

Conclusion: None the less sir, now that you’ve heard this, I’m sure you’ll do well in our group.  We all wear blue, you get a free scarf, and see lots of fun places.

Enough sillyness, let’s get down to it: This dram was okay, yet it needed… more. It’s fairly one note in the nose and Finish. The taste is interesting enough to bump it up, but not enough for me to want to drink it again. I enjoy what they did, just not enough to make a properly interesting malt.

And now you know. And knowing is half the battle.


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