Springbank 18

Springbank 18 1

So after having the Springbank 15 year, yet before going out for the first of my trips, and while replaying Borderlands with my wife and cleaning the house, I decided it was time for another Campbeltown to raise my spirits (pun!)

Thanks again to /u/HawkI84[1] for the swap of this one. I think it’s the Second Edition, however I have been wrong before, given… well the fact that I’m human. Seriously people, stop with the judging! Yup, it was first edition. Of course. Thanks /u/HawkI84[2] !

So here we have Springbank 18. It’s limited to 9000 bottles (“limited”), with an 80/20 sherry/bourbon cask maturation. Like the 15 year, it’s sherried, which worried me. However I do enjoy Glenfiddich 18 more than 15, so I may be following in past footsteps.

A note: Springbank 18 Second Edition has a little bit of a rough review history, and mostly that’s due to it not being as amazing as the First Edition. It could also be the Hipster effect, in that everyone loved it when it was underground.EDIT: NOT THAT IT MATTERS, SINCE THIS IS THE FIRST EDITION

We’ll see how this 2.5 distilled, the extra 3 years old, slightly peated dram works out. Will it help a drammer out? We can only see.

Springbank 18 2

Price: N/A at the LCBO

Region: Campbeltown

Abv: 46%

Colour: Honey

Nose: Floral, plum, mango, banana candy, cotton candy, brown sugar, wood

Very sweet. Immensely sweet. Like eating all of Bourneville and drinking all of Atlanta sweet.

I’m saying it’s sweet. And as I’ve said before, I have a huge Sweet Tooth, and I don’t mean a psychotic clown who kills people, I mean if I wasn’t careful, I’d be down to just one tooth.

It’s really different than what I’m used to in a Springbank. Gone are the smoke or peat elements, and instead we have complex candy mixtures. Very nice.

Taste: Peat, caramel, salt, chipotle, lemon tart, molasses, orange

And there’s the peat/brine I was looking for! Not as sweet when it’s in your mouth (I’m now on a list somewhere).

Bit spicy too, and has a nice balance of tartness. Also reminds me of a rum as I drink more of it.

Finish: Papaya, smoke, pepper, sea air, peanuts, candied carrots

This finish could be a rum if I didn’t know better. And I double checked, not a rum. A little earth from the sherry goes a long way to really tie everything together. No let downs here.

Conclusion: As I’ve said before, my initial review of Springbank 10 was probably too high. I was excited, it was one of my first reviews, etc, etc.

Springbank 18 is better, yet it’s a different dram after 8 years. It learned yoga, eats healthy now, maybe tried some psychedelics and came out appreciating people better. Yeah, he has an art degree, but come on: He knows he’s going to go to work at a factory, no lofty aspirations here.

Well, that was somewhat reflective.

ANYWAY, it’s a different dram than the 15 or the 10. Where as the 10 is this young, cool mix of fruit, brine, and peat, and the 15 is it trying too hard, the 18 cuts through and makes for a good balance. If the 1st edition is better than this,Yup, it’s the first edition great (assuming this isn’t the 1st edition). However I’d buy a bottle of this, given the chance.

TL;DR: Yup, ended up with the First edition. Have to try the second edition at some point.


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1001 Whiskies to taste before you die review #163


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