Littlemill 1977 Signatory Vintage [Feather’s Flight Review Set #7]

Littlemill Sig 1

So it’s that fun time of year, when the snow starts falling (and if you live in Toronto, immediately melting), the workloads double, the happy fun shopping times happen, and most importantly, my birthday.

And you may be wondering: Why in the fuck do I care that it’s /u/TOModera birthday. Well I’ll tell you Scrooge, and I’ll tell you good:

I go to the Feathers Pub . So what? Well, I ask the community for their input, and then review everything I get?

Well, normally I do, however in this case this is the first Flight of My Birthday, and it was just me and my wife. And she stated, in no uncertain terms, that since she was paying for these drams, that she’d be picking, and all the people online can… well, she’ll read those as well.

Anyway, this has happened before, and if you go hunting through my previous reviews, you’ll see them posted. This is the 5th flight I’ve done, and I am going for flight #6 on Wednesday of this week, so expect a nice little series.

As an aside: I know in the past people have criticized some of these reviews because I a) eat during the meal and b) do 4-5 drams in a sitting. Fear not, I’ve controlled for these concerns this year. I drink an entire pint of water between, took a break for a light salad and some bread, and ensured that my nose and tongue were clear before advancing to another dram.

Up first, we start in the Lowland region, as is custom due to their floral, light notes that would be lost if I drank anything peaty before hand. I love Lowlands, and my wife know this, so she made this a mystery dram, ordering it without my knowledge.

Littlemill 1977 Signatory Vintage is a first for me: I’ve never had anything from Littlemill before. It’s one of those fun border distilleries that doesn’t quite act like a Lowland or a Highland. The sad thing about this distillery is, after hundreds of years of running, was shut down for good in 1997, with a fire destroying anything that could have been opened back up in 2004. They originally made 3 different types of whisky, and the most Lowland of the bunch was named Littlemill.

No colouring, no chill filtering, no llamas, and definitely no juggling pandas included in this one.

Well, let’s see what the world’s missing out on.

Littlemill Sig 2

Price: N/A at the LCBO (I’m shocked too)

Region: Lowland

Bottle No: 32

Age: 28 years

Abv: 49%

Colour: Light yellow

Nose: Honeycomb, butterscotch, gingerbread, vanilla, lemon biscuit, pear

Not the cereal Honeycomb, which is corn syrup and crunch. No, rather it’s a true honey smell, like being right in the bee keepers house.

Very nice sweetness to it. Lots of butterscotch. I was expecting more floral notes, however I assume 28 years in an ex-Bourbon barrel has changed these flowers to sweets.

Taste: Lemon, caramel, creamy egg yolk, pepper, cotton candy, mango

Initially this has that “Yup, it’s an old Whisky” flavour of lemon and caramel forward notes. However that goes away and you get this creamy flavour of happiness.

Don’t mind me: I can’t eat eggs due to an allergy, so it was just so nice to taste what they taste like again. Happy times.

Finish: Pear, honeysuckle flower, mint, basil, ginger

Simple finish, which is okay. I guess. I mean… it’s an older dram, right? So I’m hoping for a bombastic finish, or something really unique, and… it’s kinda floral and earthy at the end of the day. It’s nice, and I’d drink it, just not… 28 year old wow me.

Hmm…. that last line makes me sound like I’ve already peaked. Now I’m sad.

Conclusion: This has a really sweet, nice nose, a cool taste, and an okay finish. And I think more than anything, it’s tasty, worth having and nice to sip on. I think if someone isn’t the biggest Lowland fan, this would be the dram they’d have. It’s not as overtly floral and has some of those “quirky” notes that I like from Lowlands.

Try it if you get a chance.


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