Four Roses 2013 Limited Edition – Small Batch 125 Anniversary Edition

FR 125

Geez, thank goodness I’ve got all that pomp and self-congratulations out of the way with the milestones. Time to get back and just enjoy some Bourbon now. With Zeus.

Yeah, now is the time to take your mushrooms. I’ll wait.

Good? Okay, let’s go.

So last year the Four Roses Distillery were nice enough to come down from Mount Olympus, or up from Salt River, depending on your connection with reality, and released the jewel of last years hunt. The Four Roses deities (distillers) took together 3 of the 10 elements (there’s more elements than that… also it’s recipes) and using lightening (years of experience) caught it all in a bottle.

And because they forgot to put down a proper alcohol percentage, it languished in a warehouse and was unceremoniously launched at the LCBO awhile later, and hunted down like a hare covered in BBQ sauce and gold.

So here we have it: Four Roses 2013 Limited Edition – Small Batch 125 Anniversary Edition. The three recipes are:

  • OBSV – 18 years: O means it’s produced at Four Roses Distillery in mythical Olympus (Lawrenceburg, KY). B is the Mashbill, which is 60% corn, 35% rye, 5% malted barley. S means it’s a straight whisky distillation. And V is the yeast strain, which this their “classic Bourbon taste” yeast, which was used back in the early days when Chronos was still around (the 1970s). It’s more delicate fruit, spicy, and creamy.
  • OBSK – 13 years: You already know what O means, I made the fourth wall breaking editor Olympus joke about it. B is the same mashbill… Come on, you can’t just skip a part of it. S is the straight whisky distillation designation. And K is the yeast used, which is more rich in spiciness and full bodied. Like that mack daddy Dionysus (I… don’t know who he actually meant here… /u/texacer maybe?)
  • OESK – 13 years: I’ll skip the same ones this time. Can’t make that joke or Hermes (see: no one) will call me on it. E is the other Mashbill: 75% corn, 20% rye, 5% malted barley. Oh, and the mack daddy yeast strain.

Anyway, I’ve had this one hand for awhile, and as I was stuck with the Bacchae yesterday (stuck in the mess on the TTC with all of the mess), I wanted something nice, so I decided to sit back and review this one.

Let’s see how the Siren call worked out (how I enjoyed it).

Price: 80$ (CAD)

Region: Kentucky (Olympus… fuck, now I’m going backwards)

Abv: 51.6%

Bottle: 8250/12468

Colour: Dark wood grain (Porewit’s own couldn’t make it any more woody)

Nose: Cherry, wood shavings, vanilla, fresh grass, maple, butterscotch, orange marmalade

Wow. It starts out with a big ole blast of cherry. Eventually mellows into a sweeter, slightly fruity, nose to it. Big ole blast of vanilla and grass too.

No, that doesn’t mean do grass now. Shit, now you’ve mixed. Have a nice trip.

Taste: Butter, lemongrass, wood, smoke, lemon juice, herbal, pastry

I’m of two minds on the taste, if I may take a second to step away from my gags (bad BJ porn):

I enjoy the butter, the interesting mixture of flavours, the slight smoke (very slight), and the herbal notes that come out.

I feel that there’s a little too much wood. Unbalanced towards wood, like a bad orgy (Devil’s fivesome).

I guess what I’m saying is: I wanted a little bit more fruit on the taste, that’s almost there for me. I enjoy it because it’s well done otherwise, and it’s done well enough that a tiny bit of missing fruit (for me) isn’t going to pooch (Pluto) it.

Finish: Sour cherry, caramel, raspberry, brandy, orange rind, burnt lemon, dill, cinnamon

And here’s the fruit! Like ambrosia falling down from the clouds (acid rain made of gumdrops).

It just keeps evolving as time goes on. The cinnamon spiciness didn’t hit me until I was done and enjoying this long finish. And tasty.

Conclusion: This is somewhat of a rarity to me: It doesn’t set off memories, however it’s complex, well put together, and fulfills each part. This is a well done blend, and really deserves the praise it gets.

My only complain is minor, though it does knock it down a couple points: I wanted a little more fruit in the taste. Just a wee bit more. Granted, nothing’s perfect, and it’s not like it turned into a swan and forcefully had sex with me, so I can let that pass.


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