Chivas Regal 12

Chivas Regal 12

So here I am, getting ready to do something special for the upcoming 200th Scotch review… and you know what happens?

First off, I forget two of the Ardbeg reviews I did, and thus am 2 off.

So I add them in. All good right?

Nope! Second, whatever part of my brain once won a math award takes a vacation, steps out for a bit, and I’m off by 1 after doing 5 of the 6 for my 200th ex-trav-a-ganz-a.

Well I’m brilliant.

Anyway, that’s what leads me to this one.

“But /u/TOModera[1] “, you say, “why review a cheap blend after all this time?”

Well, I’m quite proud to announce that after reviewing Chivas Regal 12, I have now reviewed each of the beginner drams from the list that /u/texacer[2] did oh so long ago (back in the Mesozoic era).

This world-famous scotch is well know, with the company tracing back its roots to 1801, back in Aberdeen, eventually bringing out a blended whisky after US prohibition was revoked.

Based on what I’ve read, this is made at Strathisla Distillery (originally named by someone with a lisp [citation needed]), and it’s said to be mostly the juice from that distillery.

So, for my last beginner dram, let’s see how this holds up.

Price: $49.95 (CAD) at the LCBO, in Ontario, Canada

Region: Blend

Abv: 40%

Colour: Urine, somewhat hydrated

Nose: Toast, peach, leather, grass, toffee, bubblegum, dried papaya

Very faint nose on this versus what I’ve been drinking lately, however after giving it some time, there’s a sweet fruity smell to it.

Also toast, which is new for me. I guess others would say roasted grains or something, however for me, this is toasted bread.

Either that or I had a seizure at the beginning. Someone get Dr. Penfield!

Taste: Bubblegum, lemon, caramel, herbal

It’s not cloying or overtly sweet, and there’s some balance, however it’s about as deep as Muskoka gene pools as far as taste goes and about as Complex as grade 1 math (granted I had trouble with that before, so maybe I shouldn’t talk).

And for herbal, I couldn’t really narrow down anything beyond “dried herbs”.

Finish: Tarragon, amphibian water, rubber

Ever owned frogs, turtles, newts, or salamanders? If so, you know that smell that gets into your tongue when the aquarium needs changing? Yeah, that’s evident here. And no, that’s not a good thing. Think pond scum.

At least it’s brief, though it’s not too fun.

Conclusion: This was one of my go-to whiskies back when I wasn’t doing reviews and just hanging out with people. If they didn’t have Glenfiddich 12 (or were charging $10 a glass of it), I’d have this, just to be social. And it does the trick in the regard. It’s balanced for what it is, and that’s about it. Nothing too special, just works, and my score represents that.


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