Canadian Club Small Batch Classic 12


Mad Men, am I right? It’s a show about a guy who, if you knew him in real life, you’d probably avoid the ever-loving-fuck out of him. It’s from a time where women weren’t treated correctly and all the things that Tumblr purports about now we’re wild and on display.

Yet, for all that horribleness, there was a jump in sales of Canadian Club. Because that’s what they drink on the show.

Hiram Walker was created in Walkerville, Ontario, which has now been surrounded by Windsor, Ontario. Originally it was just known as a “Club Whisky”, sold exclusively in finer gentlemen’s clubs (the women have less tract marks and fatter bums). Eventually it outsold Bourbon, so it had to be properly named for where it was coming from.

When prohibition hit, Ontario took a stance that you couldn’t have booze in public or hotels, however you could still make it (see kids, politics was always fucked up). So it was driven across the Detroit river in the winter, and became the #1 smuggled whisky in the US.

You’re welcome US.

That brings us to now. Canadian Club jumps back into the spotlight. People try it, compare it to Bourbon or Scotch or Battery Acid, and well.. they like the others better. Not to mention the fucking mark-up around the world.

So here I am, a Canadian, who can get (and has gotten) better, reviewing Canadian Club Small Batch Classic 12, a special edition of the normal Canadian Club Reserve and Canadian Club 1858.

This is aged for 12 years in ex-Bourbon barrels. Let’s see how step 3 on the ladder is for the CC company.

Price: $27.95 (CAD) in Ontario, Canada

Region: Ontario, Canada

Abv: 40%

Batch: C12-054

Colour: Brown

Nose: Candy corn, caramel, light indeterminate spices, maple

Cloying sweet nose. Little bit of spice, however it’s sweet, all the way down. Very sweet. Tons of sweetness.

Did I mention it’s sweet? Cause it’s sweet.

Taste: Oak, honey, nutmeg, sweetener

Luckily there’s some oak, otherwise this would be nothing but sweet notes, and some spice. Oh, and sweet.

Nothing too deep here, though nothing too detracting either.

Finish: Acetone, corn, faint anise, metal, white sugar

Ah yes, Canadian Club Small Batch Classic 12. All the fun of chugging nail polish remover without going to get your stomach pumped like the one moron child in the family who ends up being “artistic” later on.

I kid, of course. It’s rough, though with some air and time, it just goes to sweetness and spice. Nothing too great.

Conclusion: So this is 3 rungs up, eh? The classy drink for top end hooter houses, eh? Well, colour me unimpressed. It’s a blended whisky that tastes almost as good as Blended Scotch, which is something, I guess. All in all, there’s better Canadian Whisky out there that isn’t banking on history or shows, so drink them, and not this.


World Whisky review #58, Canada review #26, Whisky Network review #274


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