Connemara Cask Strength Peated Single Malt

Con 1

So it’s that time of year, and we all know it.

No, not when kids are going back to school… well, yeah, it’s that time of year, but I have cats, so if I’m talking about THAT…. someone needs me to just sit over here and have a talk.

No, not when it gets cooler… I live in Toronto, it’s not cool here… at all.

It’s that crazy time for Geeks as convention season starts wrapping up. And after getting Bruce Campbell and Stephen Amell’s autographs, watching Nathan Fillion on a Q&A, playing Evolve Alpha (as the MONSTER!), catching up on Saga, and generally getting excited for Wolf Cop, I’m pooped.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t do any reviews. I’m on a staycation this week, not dead… and without a mouth. I still made it out to the Overdraught (which is better than the Loose Moose, which seems to be popular for being shitty), has good Irish food (not the Irish Poutine, avoid it), and a great selection of different whisk(e)ys.

Connemara Cask Strength Peated Single Malt. The name evokes two things I like in my whiskey: Peat, and Cask Strength. And since I am one of the few who didn’t mind the Connemara standard offering, this seems like a great place to start. Also it’s the first Irish Cask Strength I’ve ever had, so let’s see how they fare.

Because I’ll base all my judgements on this one from here on out. Like the first person you ever date.

Let’s see how this Cooley Distillery Irish Single malt turns out.

Con 2

Price: $96.70 (CAD) at the LCBO in Ontario

Region: Ireland

Abv: 57.9%

Colour: Gold

Nose: Smoke, lemon, yeast, old strawberries, tea, old shoes

Very subtle. In order to counter the wide glass, I spent more time on the nose than I typically do, covering it with my hand or a coaster and all that.

Ignoring that, for 57.9%, this doesn’t have that strong of a nose at all. It’ really hard to pick up anything other than yeast and smoke.

Taste: Cream, smoke, pepper, mango, naan bread

Interesting, very creamy flavour. Like egg yolks in texture (leave your jism jokes at the door).

It’s not that strong though. It has a nice mixture of interesting flavours, yet it’s teetering on that point of subtle and weak.

Finish: Burn, orange, prickly, yeast, club soda, oak/vanilla

Lots of burn at the end, and a long, strong finish. It’s like the alcohol decides to show up. It’s quite minerally at the end, like a vanilla Italian soda made by a baker who just finished some orange scones.

Or, you know, just tastes like what I wrote and not that hogwash.

Conclusion: This is the first time I’ve ever though that a Cask Strength whisky is equal in quality to the non-Cask Strength version. Both have there differences, however the almost 50% increase in Abv (that’s 50% of the original, not an addition of 50%) has turned this into a different animal.

The nose is weak and not that nice. The taste is weak, though interesting and some might consider subtle. The finish is nicely done, though not my exact cup of tea, I can’t contend with the quality in it, so it gets what accounts to about “Average” given my scores.


World Whiskey review #56, Ireland review #7, Whiskey Network review #268

1001 Whiskies to taste before you die review #145


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