Cragganmore Special Edition 10 year Cask Strength [Feather’s Flight Review Set #4]

Cragganmore Special Edition 10 year Cask Strength

So here’s the quick deal: Sometimes I go out to my favourite Scotch pub, Feather’s Pub[1] , and I have some drams because it’s a special occasion. I drink a lot of water between them, have bread, have a great time, and write some reviews, which I then put under a special header. Capiche?

I think Speyside is the one region that gets around more than any other. But it’s in a safe, sex-positive way, you know? Like, it knows what it is, it’s big and happy about it, has no issues about it, and generally you have a good time. Also, no warts afterward.

Unless you’re doing it wrong.

Anyway, recently there was some reviews for Cragganmore 12 year. And it got me to thinking: Why the heck is Cragganmore 12 so weak? I mean, you’ll see me bitching about low Abv., but I also like Ardbeg 10, and it’s 40%, so where’s my science now, bitch?

Wait, did he just call himself a bitch? Isn’t this a review? Did he stay up too late while writing this waiting for work, and now he’s gone a tad crazy?

Yes on all accounts, but let’s move on. I read about a Cask Strength Cragganmore at the local pub. And it’s namedCragganmore Special Edition 10 year Cask Strength. What a surprise, I know. And as I did some digging, I found out that it was not only Cask Strength, but finished in mother-flipping Sherry barrels.

I’d be stupid not to. So I did. Because it was bottled in 2004 and I wanted to have some. So there.

Region: Speyside

Abv: 60.1%

Colour: Rose-Gold

Nose: Spoiled strawberry, liquorice, Sprite, lemon, oak, pepper

Very obvious this was matured in sherry casks, as that usual sour and strawberry with spices blast hits you. Not to be outdone though, the normal lemon and oak of Cragganmore is there. Nice amount too, almost like the ABV HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT.

Taste: Honey, strawberry, sherry-bomb, anise, ginger, cloves

Holy crap this is like drinking an Aberlour A’bunadh Rusty Nail!

Note to self: Someday make that happen.

The usual lemon Cragganmore big rock taste has relented to give us a sherry-bomb, and it is nice. Kinda smooth as time goes by, there’s some nice spice.

Finish: Sour cherry, oak, lemon, yeast, coconut

Very interesting finish. A little bit Cragganmore, a Little bit sherry bomb, and some Parrotheads thrown in.

Conclusion: This is a smooth, beast. The taste whips you in the face, the nose is a good blend, and the finish, though a little short and yeasty, delivers in the end. Is it better than other Sherry-Bombs? Heck no, this needs some time and some work outs. But honestly, this is the Cragganmore everyone should be drinking. It has a better flavour overall, and honestly, Diageo would do little better than bring something like this out again.


Scotch review #125, Speyside review #35, Whisky Network review #165


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