St. Magdalene 19 1979 Rare Malts Selection [Feather’s Flight Review Set #4]

St Mag 1

So here we are again with another Feather’s Pub[1] review. For those of you who have missed the past two ones, basically for either my buddies birthday or my own I go out to Feather’s and drink about 4-6 drams, ensuring I have tons of water and bread, taking my time, and reviewing them. It’s something that happens every so often, and I typically ask for the communities input.

So I have some good news: I was able to try 2 of the drams that were recommended to me, however I was slowly informed that my choices were a little… Spartan, and I should go more expensive, as it was my birthday.

So I love Lowlands, and recently, some jerk tried a Lowland I haven’t tried yet. What a dork, am I right? Seriously though, a big thanks to /u/gaxkang[3] for reviewing this one, as I was always a little skittish. A little pep and competition helped me out on trying something new.

St. Magdalene 19 1979 Rare Malts Selection is a dram from the now defunct St. Magdalene distillery, which closed up shop in 1983, aka a bad time (as it was the 80s). Built on an old hospital and started in 1798, the site once housed a leper colony, a convent, and a hospital.

Well… here’s hoping dead nuns and pieces of dead people helped out one of the last drams.

St Mag 2

Price: N/A

Region: Lowland

Abv: 63.8%

Distilled: 1979

Bottled: 1998

Colour: Dark Honey

Nose: Melon, smoke, lemon, wet wood, candy, honeysuckle, fresh linen

There’s quite a bit of wood, a little bit of smoke, and tons of floral notes here. Very sweet smelling.

Also noticed a little bit of cork in the glass, which is worrying. This old beaut may be on its last legs. Thick legs, none the less.

Taste: Lemon/Lime, chilies, wood, orange, plum, umami, salt

Different than other lowlands, there fruit is there, however it’s quite light and the umami taste comes out of nowhere. Not bad, though could stand for a little more… I don’t know, strength? Starting to wonder if my tastebuds are off, however it’s been an hour since I ate anything and I’ve cleared my palette quite a bit.

Insert easy joke about me sucking dick here.

Finish: Cumin, burnt butter, mushrooms, lemon rind, tobacco

Very earthy and somewhat bitter finish, none of the sweetness from the taste or the nose.

I think the bottle may have been corked. Shame too, this has great potential.

Conclusion: So I’ve now started off the night with a little bit of a dud, however I’m not saying it was bad. For something I think has corked, this was actually pretty tasty. Yes, the taste was weak, the finish wasn’t the best, and the nose could have been more, however I’ve had a lot worse drams this before, and I’ll have a lot worse to come. It’s stronger than your average lowlander you’ll find, it still has guts, and the nose is still going strong.

All in all, I want to find an uncorked bottle and re-review this at some point, as I’m pretty sure it’ll be amazing.


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