Bruichladdich Octomore 03.1

Bruichladdich Octomore 031

We’ve all had those moments. Something is presented to you as a new idea. A new plan.

We’re all old enough to remember a time without smart phones and having the internet with you at all times. The idea that going without would be silly 10 years ago to me, yet now I’m a little annoyed without it.

Some of us are old enough to remember needing to plan to take money out and how credit cards were a pain in the ass to use. Now I use mine everywhere and check my bank account daily.

Some of us walked up hill in the snow and we enjoyed it dammit!

Okay, maybe too far. What I’m saying is new ideas pop up and become part of our lives.

And then there are the gimmicks. We all know them, some we miss, most we’ve forgotten. Like extra thick chips, the pocket fisherman, or the spray paint hair.

Well, we’re now looking at a new idea from (who else) Bruichladdich: The Bruichladdich Octomore 03.1. Yes, I realize that this is an older release, and we’re now up to the 05.1, yet this was the only one that Master of Malt would send me, so back off.

Is it a gimmick? I mean, it has 152 ppm, making it the peatiest whisky ever. I’m guessing that someone over at Bruichladdich was just annoyed at people constantly comparing their peat levels to that of Ardbeg or Lagavulin or Laphroaig. This is the “shut up” Scotch of the island. Luckily Bunnahabhain hasn’t taken it seriously, otherwise we’d have dueling distilleries and no peat left.

Also it was aged for 5 year, but seriously, it’s all about the peat on this one. Let’s see if it is a Smart Phone or a Fishing Buddy.

Price: N/A in Ontario, however the 05.1 is available for $205.95 (CAD) at the LCBO.

Region: Islay

Abv: 59%

Colour: Sandy beach

Nose: Peat, bacon, cured meats, mint, eucalyptus, pepper, tart pear

My friend, who is a archaeologist, says this smells like “bog bodies”, which are bodies found in the bogs around the U.K. That’s… different than what I had, granted I don’t work with dead-by-swamp-people.

The peat actually dies down after awhile. It’s somewhat nice and there’s some vegetal parts to this.

Taste: Leather, peat, phenol, mint, chipotle, lime, apple, taco meat

Like chewing on a leather chesterfield that was owned by a smoker, this is very smokey. I am able to hold it in my mouth though, which is different than other overproof smoky Islays, so it is smoother.

Finish: Peat, smoked ham, campfire, peppered bacon, sour, cumin, iodine

Let’s be honest, it tastes like peat and a little meat. That’s all.

Conclusion: It’s a gimmick, though it has parts to it that are actually tasty, so I don’t feel too bad ordering a dram. If they keep going this way, they could probably lower it down on peat and have a nice, complex Ardbeg look alike. For now it’s a gimmick, though a tasty one, and I will rate it well with the caveat that I probably wouldn’t have more than 1 dram in a night of this.


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