Macallan Gold

Macallan Gold 2

Let’s be honest: My last reviews of Macallan whiskies haven’t been…. too high (except the Cask Strength). I’m not the biggest fan, I usually find them over praised, and don’t find them too over the top.

And thus when they announced the 1824 series, I wasn’t too shocked or appalled (except I was going to be able to buy the Cask Strength before it went away). The idea of it is a little juvenile, in that they’ll name it after the colour imparted by the wood instead of the age. I guess they have their own way of determining the whisky is consistent, let’s hope it’s not some guy with a colour wheel staring at the barrels.

That being said, contrary to popular belief, I don’t live in a bubble, and as such should try to expand my knowledge and my experience. So when I saw the Macallan Gold at the bar the other night, I decided now was a good time to try and see what the fuss was about.

Really, it couldn’t be worse than the 10 year Oak, right?


Macallan Gold 1

Price: $64.95 (CAD)

Region: Speyside

Abv: 40%

Colour: Number 4 toast

Nose: Sour, oak, perfume, leather bound books, burnt caramel, Sprite

Very oaky. I’m guessing that since this one isn’t a red colour, it’s from an oak barrel (hope that doesn’t anger the Macallan team that I thought that for myself), though there’s quite the sour, floral, and musty smell to it. Not too inviting.

Taste: Honey, cinnamon, mozzarella, pepper, lime, soft cotton, red berries

There’s almost a thickness to the dram, which is nice. It’s refreshing, though the nose keeps throwing off my taste buds. Little bit of heat too, which is annoying.

Finish: Plums, nutmeg, oak, cranberry, apple cider vinegar

Sour, vinegary taste at the end. I guess I’m to assume they used Apple Cider Vinegar barrels maybe? I mean, that’s gold too. Or maybe it’s urine, which is also gold.

Conclusion: Being serious for a moment, and ignoring the idea that we choose a whisky based on colour, this really isn’t all that special. It’s musty, it’s low Abv., it’s not really doing anything different (other than taste like socks) and there’s no way to tell if they used.

Also I’ve read now that it was aged in both first fill and second fill ex-sherry casks. Well they didn’t do too much, and it’s another over hyped Macallan. It’s almost prefer the dull Fine Oak 10 to this, and that’s pretty sad.


Scotch review #93, Speyside review #29, Whisky Network review #117

1001 Whiskies to taste before you die review #65


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