Dimple Deluxe (70’s Bottling)

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Last week my buddy, who I’ve known since I was 1, saved me from having a truly rough day. Our train ride was delayed 3 hours, and at one point in the bar, I took a header and landed on the bar floor with both my knees.

To say the least, I needed a dram. And he delivered. Awesome guy, there was a reason he was my best man at my wedding.

Today I’ll be reviews an old bottling of Dimple Deluxe. We actually don’t know how old it it. My buddy got it from a friend after the top on it broke. We assume it was bottled in the 70s, so this is a rare treat.

If you know anything about this one, give me a comment below.

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Price: N/A in Ontario

Region: Blend

Abv: 40%

Colour: Copper

Nose: Caramel apple, pepper, varnish, oak, pepper, grass

There’s more here than I was expecting. It starts out sweet, then goes to that varnish sort of woody note. As my knees are bleeding and I’ve been on a train for 8 hours, this really has woken me up. It’s weak, probably due to the low proof.

Taste: Lime, pepper, strawberry, earth, grass, lemon, pork, smoke

More sweetness, yet more complex than other blends I’ve had, and different flavours. I’m guessing either the time in the bottle has mellowed it a bit or they honestly had the foresight to put in a nice meaty flavour. I can no longer feel my knees.

That all said, it’s really light. Super light almost. Takes a few sips to really pick out any flavours.

Finish: Vanilla, pepper, mango, butterscotch pudding, herbs, cinnamon, dry pear, smoke, lime

Nice, calm, subtle finish, though suffers from the issues of the taste in that it’s light. I seem to be cured of my rough day pain.

Conclusion: Was this what I needed? Yeah, I needed to relax and writing a review did it. That said, it’s weak, it’s hard to tell the flavour, smells like varnish, has some complexity and different flavours. Kinda a balancing act between good and bad. Wouldn’t turn it down, but I’m not auctioning for it.


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