Glenmorangie 10 100 proof [Feather’s Flight Review Set #3]

Glenmorangie 10 100 Proof

Quick Recap: So each year, for my friend’s birthday, I bring him out to that pub I won’t shut up about[1] and buy him and myself a flight of Scotch. Suffice to say, I enjoy his birthday almost as much as he does. I did this last year, too.

This year we did the Highland/Speyside flight:

Getting the idea now? Good, cause it’s simple and if you can’t figure it out, you’re in trouble. Link to Glen Garioch and Glenfiddich 15 year old Solera Reserve above, as well as my past reviews of the two ones I decided I didn’t want to re-review.

Today I’ll be reviewing a discontinued offering from Glenmorangie, everyone’s favourite fruity Highland. TheGlenmorangie 10 year 100 proof was only sold in Duty-free stores, and only comes in 1L bottles, and looks really old even though it isn’t. Aged in mountain oak (I don’t know what that means and can’t find out what it is, any thoughts?), this one is now discontinued. If you have a chance, I’d say go for it, because really, when do you get a chance to have Glenmorangie at a cask strength?

Seriously, tell me, I’m really interested in trying more of them.

Price: N/A

Region: Highland

Abv: 57.2%

Colour: Honey

Nose: Strawberry, sugar, cherry, peach, tulips, red licorice, salt air

Very sweet smell on the nose. Tons of flavour though, and you can really get what Glenmorangie 10 year should smell like. Being able to nose this after reviewing Glenmorangie 10 year, I can pick out the flavours that they originally went for. The honey is non existent and the floral aspects ramp up.

Taste: Pink lemonade, burn, lots of peach juice, hard candy, banana, nutmeg, honey, truffle oil, red licorice

Very, very, very sweet. A step back from cloying (for me, so probably very cloying for others). I almost want the flavour to take a step back, maybe lowering it down to 50%. There’s a truffle flavour in the back though, so maybe lowering it would lose that, which I would miss. Maybe more time in the barrel?

Finish: Peach, light mint, oak, vanilla, cinnamon

More peach. Peach, peach peach. Are you moving to the country? Cause you don’t have to if you drink this Scotch. Don’t even have to open up a can. Cause all of the peaches are now in this Scotch. It was put there by a man. Nature’s Candy is now in Scotch (as well as pie or hand or can).

Simple finish on this one. Wish there was something more, though I’m happy with the mint aspect, though I want more.

Conclusion: Why would you stop producing this? Seriously, this is damn good (for a Highland)! This is better than Quinta Rubana (haven’t reviewed yet, however I’ve had, and I like it), which I thought was the best one I’d ever had (still have to review Ealanta). I mean, this is tasty, this is nice, and this is powerful. Could I have multiple in a sitting? No, but with dessert? Yeah, I’d have this over and over.

Tied for number #1 Highland I’ve had


Scotch review #63, Highland review #8, Whisky Network review #85


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