Highland Park 25

Highland Park 25

Well folks, it’s time to put my monocle back in, pump up my New England accent, get the tails on and have my man servant shine up the old top hat. It’s time to review a Barn Burner! (Or rather a bank burner, or a wallet singer).

This past weekend I had decided that I wasn’t going to drink, as the weekend prior I had overdone it (see 10 Scotches). And it would be hard, as I was visiting my buddies cottage in the Muskokas, but I was going to be strong.

That was before the Jell-O shots came out, or my buddy received a bottle of Highland Park 25 for his birthday.

So much for not drinking. My life is so hard.

As a heads up, I did have a break between the shots and the Scotch, made sure to have water, and only had 1 Jell-O shot before consuming, so we should be good.

Region: Island

Abv: 48.1%

Price: $374.95 (CAD)

Colour: Copper

Nose: Honey, peat, violet, orange, burn, lemon, tobacco, sour candy, oak, donuts, vanilla

As is Highland Park fashion, there’s a lot of different, distinct flavours going on here. Very sweet. For me the sherry has mixed into the bourbon smells and created other smells (see the violet and the sour candy), however you can tell it’s there. Well balanced, I took quite awhile nosing this one.

Taste: Pepper, nutmeg, lots of wood, grapes, tons of salt brine, grapefruit, corn, lemon, alcohol burn, molasses, dry cantaloupe, raspberry

Ah, there’s the sherry influence, more strong now in the grapes and the raspberry. Each sip is another different set of flavours, and I’m really enjoying this. That being said, I’m wishing for something unique to come out of it. And that’s somewhat of a BS complaint, really, but a complaint none the less.

Really, I’m trying to nit pick now.

Finish: Wood, cherry, arugula, sour, shortbread, strawberry, dry, pear

Medium length finish, which I think would be longer and more full if this was the proper version that’s over 50% Abv. Very dry, and the cherry/strawberry is the last of the sherry influence. Which I’m happy about, as I wasn’t really looking for a sherry bomb this time. At least for me, it wasn’t a sherry bomb, I’ve had stronger ones.

Conclusion: I’ve said it about Highland Park before, and I’ll say it again; They are the classic Scotch profile, through and through. Is that bad? Hell no. This hit all the nice flavours, was smooth, tasted great and was well balanced.

That being said, I lean towards my high end Whisky having something distinct about it. Something that I can’t find anywhere else. And that’s the minor issue I have with Highland Park 25. We’ll see what the future brings about, as I’ve ordered an IB Highland Park Cask Strength for next month, so perhaps that will show me the error of my ways.


Scotch reviews #59, Island review #5, Whisky Network review #81


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