Ardbeg Uigeadail


Hi all! Here’s my review of the great Oog (Ardbeg Uigeadail). Before I was giving in submissions for this subreddit, I was awkwardly bumping around into different whiskeys. On my honeymoon in Edinburgh I stopped into the Scotch whiskey experience, and convinced my new bride we should go through the tour. We both decided that we loved Islay’s after the great scratch and sniff taste test, and in my (now) inebriated state, stopped by the gift shop. I asked the very helpful staff for “the smokiest, peatiest stuff they had”, and they lead me to this beauty.

Spoiler: It’s my favourite, and I’m going to have to save my pennies to replace the bottle soon.

Price: $166.95 (CAN). However I bought this two years ago, in Scotland, from the Scotch Whiskey Experience for £50

Region: Islay

Abv: 54.2%

Colour: Brass

Nose: Smoke, sea salt, caramel, floral notes, chipotle (the spice, not the store), bacon, vanilla, sour cherries.

This is my favourite nose out there. The room has this heavenly smell in it for about 6 hours after. The initial smoke is huge, and doesn’t let up. Lots of expectations here. I passed around my dram at a party two nights ago, and most non-scotch drinkers were knocked on their ass and wondered if the fools misunderstanding of the Mayan calendar was correct. Wonderful nose.

Taste: Salt, peat, ginger, orange, beef jerky, cumin, pepper, dry red wine.

Strong flavours, lots of smoke on this one. This is the quintessential scotch taste, with the massive smoke that reminds you of being beside the ocean sitting beside a camp fire. I almost want to BBQ a steak and have a chocolate cake every time I drink this scotch.

Finish: Chocolate, bacon, smoke, leather, tobacco, lime. Long finish.

I fell asleep yesterday for two hours and woke up still tasting this finish. The lime and chocolate perfectly pair with the smoke, balancing it all out.

Conclusion: If I wanted someone to try an Islay scotch, I’d pour them a dram of this scotch. If I could buy a case, I would. Why are you still reading me ramble? Go buy some! Or swap for some! Or trade something for some (not your liver).


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